Afraid of Misinformation? Don’t be! (A selection of Verification-Specific #ijf19 Perugia Sessions)

James Ball speaking at ijf19 session “Beyond fake news: what’s next for tackling online misinformation”

We’re back from the International Journalism Festival in Perugia – and it was a blast! With so many great people there to meet in such lovely surroundings how could it not be?

But the festival does have a downside: Too many good sessions running in parallel. Good thing though that they are now all available as recordings online, so you can watch what you’ve missed.

If you don’t want to spend all day going through the program, and verification is one of your main topics, maybe these recommendations are helpful to you. (more…)

Meet us @ International Journalism Festival XII


When: April 11-15, 2018

Where: Perugia, Italy

What is it? One of the biggest and most renowned journalism festivals in the world. An ideal place to meet for reporters, storytellers, media scholars, media project managers, digital innovators. Keynotes and workshops are free of charge.

Why are we there? Short answer: It’s one of those must-attend events (300+ speakers from 50 countries, 700+ sessions/talks/workshops). Longer answer: We’ll exchange ideas with colleagues from all over the world, and DW (Research & Cooperation projects and other departments) will extensively contribute to the festival’s program again: (more…)

Meet us @ International Journalism Festival XI

When: April 5-9, 2017

Where: Perugia, Italy

What is it? A Mecca for journalists, journalisms students, media scholars, and media agencies who convene to discuss new ideas, concepts, and tools that can improve their work. The festival and its keynotes and workshops are free of charge. (more…)