Onboarding in Times of A Pandemic – Insights by Our New Colleagues

Onboarding in Times of A Pandemic – Insights by Our New Colleagues

If you take a look at this page, you’ll realize that our team has significantly grown – in spite of the global Corona situation. Due to the successful acquisition of new projects, we’ve been able to hire about half a dozen new colleagues. All of them have become proper and indispensable members of our team – even though we haven’t had a single in-person all hands meeting yet (with face-to-face conversations, pizza, drinks, etc.). Needless to say, the process wasn’t 100% smooth, but we’d always put our best foot forward. So here’s a little post dedicated to onboarding in times of a pandemic.


Welcome to Deutsche Welle Innovation

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international public service broadcaster.

Deutsche Welle promotes the understanding of Germany as an independent nation with its roots in European culture. DW offers a full range of television, radio and online services and is known for its in-depth, reliable news and information in 30 languages – including Arabic and Kiswahili, Indonesian and Urdu, Russian and Spanish, German and English.

Since the late 1990s Deutsche Welle’s Innovation Team has successfully participated in more than twenty nationally and internationally funded R&D projects with partners such as the BBC, Yahoo, Oxford University, and Fraunhofer Institute. (more…)