AI4media: A New European Network to Take Artificial Intelligence to The Next Level

AI4media: A New European Network to Take Artificial Intelligence to The Next Level

This first week of September saw the launch of AI4media, a new and unique European network dedicated to advancing AI solutions for the media and trusted AI. Now that AI technologies are beginning to have a real impact on the world of media and journalism, we’re really pleased to be part of this project. It will allow us to explore the next level of journalistic needs in the area of verification and disinformation detection, related AI functionalities as well as important ethical frameworks for the deployment of AI in news organisations. These are just some aspects of our use case that we run in cooperation with our long-term technology partner Athens Technology Center (ATC)  for the next 4 years.


Meet us @ ContentAsia Summit 2018

When: 28-29 August 2018
Where: PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore

What is it?
Launched in 2009, the ContentAsia Summit focuses on all the issues impacting Asia’s content industry. Its core mission: to create a dedicated space to talk face-to-face about the content ecosystem and the innovation and strategies driving media and entertainment companies in an increasingly connected universe.

Truly Media – Truly Great


Exciting times for Truly Media — in just two tweeks, we got to present DW’s and ATC’s verification platform at four high-profile events. And yes, that actually included demoing Truly to the German Chancellor. (more…)

Digital verification: Sharing experiences and know-how with the United Nations


The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has been focusing on ICT applications to support human rights work for some time. Over the past years, the office undertook a number of initiatives and activities in partnership with experts and relevant organizations in this area. Throughout, it became obvious that there is a clear need for human rights investigators to be equipped with special digital tools: Tools that allow for the collection, storing, analysis, tagging and browsing of digital images in order to detect and document human rights violations. (more…)