Experimental series on data, visualization and storytelling all around the 2014 Brazil World Cup

With people worldwide focusing on the 2014 FIFA World Cup for the next couple of weeks we expect a lot of interesting coverage in the media. Our aim is to find the most compelling stories around this global event – and then present you the most creative and innovative ones from our perspective. We will keep track of interactive animations, beautiful info graphics, surprising sport statistics and smart data visualizations.

Our findings (as well as our opinions) will be posted on our blog. Follow our updates via the DW Innovation: WORLD CUP SPECIAL page on a daily basis or just check it out during the event or when it is all over (13-Jul-2014). By then we will not only have a full collection of wonderful innovative media projects. We will also share our experiences with ScribbleLive, an online curating tool that we will be experimenting with to publish our findings.

So don’t be shy, take a peek – we are looking forward to four amazing weeks together with you! If you want to give us feedback or share your opinion, you can do so via twitter (@DW_Innovation)