A brief profile of “Technology Will Save Us”: The UK-based company provides Do-it-yourself kits, to build all kinds of technical things yourself. The idea is educate and built understanding. Which is cool.

Background: Members of the DW Innovation team attended Mozilla Festival in London (October 2013), which was inspiring in many ways. There was a positive „can do“ atmosphere there.

A range of DIY-kits for first hand tech experience

One company presented we noted was „Technology will save us“, from the UK. Founded by Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann, the company offers a range of Do-it-yourself kits, designed for first-hand experiences how things work. The goal is to invite others to actually built something, the kits providing all the tools and components to do that.

“Most People now so little what things are made of”

What is the motivation behind this? Quote: „Devices, gadgets and computers are a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Yet most people know so little about what these things are made of; let alone how to fix them or create new ways to use them. However, an exciting shift is emerging in society, a shift where people are finding new and inventive ways to re-skill.“

A maker approach to technology

The way this works is quite simple: Based on the kits provided by the company, participants can start building right away. All the small parts are already there, plus a guide on how to assemble the given gadget. What we liked: You could tell this is fun and interesting, simply by watching kids and grown-ups who took part in the workshops.

The underlying trend is interesting: Approaches like this one have some potential to turn “users into makers” – who are not just pressing buttons, but understand to some extend how the devices we rely on actually work. We think the idea of „Technology will save us“ should be spread elsewhere, the start-up looks into spreading to other countries beyond the UK.

More information: Check out this video on YouTube, published by the Guardian here, to listen to the two founders presenting their idea:


Video: Cosmin Cabulea, Text: Mirko Lorenz

Photo credit: Used with kind permission by the Mozilla Festival.