Are you curious about YDS?

The last months were an exciting time. We, the YourDataStories consortium, did not only enjoy the autumn colors, but also brought our data-based platform out to shine.

More explicitly, we now offer you two sophisticated demonstrators and a mobile app. Before you click on the link, we would like to direct your interest towards an explainer video we created on what YDS actually is and does (in case you don’t know that yet). And then there is also a new newsletter, bringing you a good read about the general progress of YourDataStories during the last year – for those cold and dark winter evenings.

Increasing transparency through #opendata – let us take you through it
Our goals in short: In YourDataStories we aim to make #opendata more accessible and transparent. So we built our platform based on the Linked Data approach.

Still wondering, what is it all about? Hit the play button to learn about our precise goals.

Power of the platform
In order to achieve our overall goals, YourDataStories strives to deliver the necessary tools to ease the task of interpreting those numbers, connecting the dots and finding the right paths, but also hidden links, in economic data. If you find our introduction to the demonstrator intriguing, check it out yourself and open up our dashboards.

The platform is filled with single stories that are based on the incorporated data. If you are curious about the impact of replacing a roundabout with smart traffic lights or would like to know more about the seed company Bakker Brothers and its role in the development aid between the Netherlands and Zimbabwe or how Mugabe blocks Dutch aid for trade, click on the underlying links and see examples of what YourDataStories can do.

Furthermore, the consortium developed a mobile application to provide the YDS users with relevant information about the available public construction projects for our Greek use case. You can download and test the android-based app here.

A newsletter of the project’s challenges and results
Time flies and YourDataStories is already on the final stretch. Our newsletter provides you with a crisp overview of what we have achieved in the last year on a more detailed level. If you like it, subscribe here and make sure you get our last updates. For now: Enjoy the read!

And last but not least: Feedback is always welcomed. Drop us an email or contact us via twitter @YDS_EU.