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Fader Consortium Releases Immersive Stories “Copenhageners” and “Remembrance Is Real”

To celebrate 15 months of fruitful collaboration and the refined features of 360/VR storytelling platform Fader/VRAppr, Deutsche Welle, Euronews, and Vragments released two new Fader stories in Berlin last week. The pieces called "Copenhageners" and "remembrance is real" premiered at VR Pop 18, an immersive storytelling workshop and meeting hosted by the consortium during re:publica. We are thrilled to present them on our blog now.

Copenhageners is the latest production by Ole Krogsgaard, a Danish immersive journalist who has been involved in the Fader project from its early stages. His beautifully shot interactive story focuses on five very different residents of Denmark's capital–or more precisely: on their homes.

What is it like to live on a houseboat?
Where do you go to relax in a busy student collective?
How do you live on a budget in a rapidly gentrifying neighorhood?

Experience "Copenhageners" to find answers to these (and many more) questions revolving around modern life in a big city:

remembrance is real is the immersive debut by Polish-German photographer and historian David Rojkowski and his partner Judith Seip.

The serene, yet powerful piece based on still frames and live audio recordings explores the culture of remembrance (and its importance) in Israel. Roykowski and Seip approach the topic in four segments.

There is a Beit She'an, a Roman theatre: The ancient world, memories of King David, the Egyptians, Byzantium, the Ottomans, a long history of settlements.

There is Yad Vashem, the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust: A dark room, distorted candle lights, the sound of distant steps. A haunting voice reading the names, age, and origin of children murdered by the Nazis.

There is Independence Hall, where the state of Israel was proclaimed in 1948. Memories of the founding of Tel Aviv, of pioneers and Zionists. Original recordings of the proclamation and Hatikvah, the national anthem, played during a ceremonial act.

There is the grave of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister: his legacy to develop the desert, a famous quote, Japanese tourists and–once again–Hatikvah.

"Copenhageners" and "remembrance is real" are the final immersive pieces collaboratively produced by DW, Euronews, and Vragments, as DNI project Fader/VRappr is running out this month.

VRagments will continue developing the platform on their own. Free accounts are still available via, new Fader stories are frequently added on the discover page.