XR & Immersive Journalism

XR is a hypernym that resolves to "extended reality" and includes the categories of AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), and VR (virtual reality). These technologies, which often overlap, aim to do one or several of the following things: add information on top of the real world, blend objects into the real world, create a virtual world and transport viewers into it, replace the real world. The general idea is to provide content that is (a lot) more immersive than regular AV content and takes viewers to an exceptional place and/or puts them in the shoes of somebody else, thus fostering a particularly engaging and absorbing experience. When XR is used to tell a story, provide insights, and explain the world, it becomes immersive journalism. Increased levels of immersion can also be achieved via 360° degree videos, sophisticated 3D models (viewed in 1st person mode), and binaural sounds.