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Meet us @ Global Media Forum 2023

Here are the short answers to all the W questions regarding GMF '23 and ReCo's role in it.

When?: June 19th and 20th

Where?: World Conference Center, Bonn

What is it? GMF is our broadcaster's big international conference, focusing on media, politics, and technology. This year's edition bears the motto "Overcoming divisions".

Why are we there? Well, because. 🙂

These are the sessions hosted by Team ReCo:

1. Using technology and AI to counter disinformation in practice
June 19th, 14.30h-15.00h CET | Virtual session - access link tba
Host: Jochen Spangenberg

This session will focus on technology-supported analysis and verification of digital images and video. It will also showcase the free-of-charge Fake News Debunker (aka InVID / WeWerify / verification plug-in), a very useful and successful (90.000+ users) Chrome browser extension for journalists, fact checkers and human rights activists, developed in a series of EU-funded research projects.

2. Technology for (Inclusive) Journalism - A Quick Run through DW ReCo's Current Projects And Products
June 20h, 14:00h - 14:20h CET (available for Q&A until 15:00h) | Speaker's Corner
Hosts: Eva Lopez, Kay Macquarrie, Ksenia Skriptchenko

This is basically a ReCo showcase session: In 20 minutes, you'll learn about what DW's special R&D unit has been working on, and what kind of topics and tools  at the crossroads of journalism, IT, and media science are really important at the moment. A focus will be on human language technology (HLT), data-driven journalism (DDJ), extended reality (XR), and how these technologies can contribute accessibility, diversity and inclusion. After the session, there's plenty of time for a chat with parts of the team.

3. Dealing with Disturbing Content – Guarding the Mental Health of Digital Investigators
June 20th, 14.30h-15.30h CET | Room Bonn II Host: Jochen Spangenberg

This session will outline the risks of investigating disturbing content online, raise awareness about secondary or vicarious trauma, and provide advice to "digital frontline" workers, i.e. people reporting on war, conflict, and other potentially traumatizing  events.

Please note that session titles and program slots are subject to change, and that rooms/locations might be announced at the last minute. There are also different types of sessions: hybrid, on-site, and online.

To keep up-to-date, check out the official Global Media Forum Website.

The Twitter hashtag for the event is #GMF23.

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