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Fader (Enterprise): What the Consortium Has Been Up To (II)

Before we flip shut our laptops, pull off our slightly sweaty HMDs, and take a little summer break, it’s time for a quick recap of what team Fader* has accomplished in the last couple of months.

It's quite a lot, actually:

We refined the editor, added new features (like interactive elements/hotspots), and tried to make everything as lightweight as possible.

We published two major VR experiences covering the French Presidential elections and climate change in Europe, and contributed to a number of smaller, individual stories.

We went to London to run a VR popup store with the CIR. We went to World VR Forum in Crans Montana, VR/AR World (also in London), Global Media Forum in Bonn, and Digility in Cologne to present Fader and discuss immersive storytelling for public (and other) media organisations. We also attended VR-related meetings in Lisbon, Cologne, and Amsterdam.

Most importantly, we all got together at DW HQ to tackle the next milestone which is about conceiving, building, and implementing features for broadcasters/media organisations, i.e.: Creating Fader Enterprise (former working title: "VRappr"). This fully fledged version of our VR/360 storytelling editor will eventually allow for role management and comprehensive analytics.

The Fader consortium and guests at DW HQ Bonn in early July.

In this context, we've been asking ourselves a lot of questions like: How can we consider existing workflows in the world of journalistic VR productions–but also change/improve them to set new standards? Will there be roving reporters contributing 360 footage to WordPress-like systems on a daily basis by 2020? How are VR metrics different from regular web stats? And are old school journalists willing to deal with our VR platform?

The answer to the last question is a clear "yes" by the way. The colleagues who joined us at the meeting included head of DW German language news service Martin Muno, who is excited about Fader. He has given reporter Maximiliane Koschyk all the freedom she needs to conceive and publish a series of VR/360 pieces on the upcoming German elections.

We'll keep you posted. In the meantime: Please don't be shy and join us as Fader beta testers.

Alexander Plaum