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#FaderStories Finale in Berlin — Save the Date!

While Fader the VR/360 platform will (hopefully) be around for a long, long time, Fader the consortium (DW, Euronews, Vragments) is about to disband in a couple of weeks. That's because the Fader/VRappr DNI project is running out. Of course, we're going to have a grand finale!

While we're still hammering out the details of our jointly organized community event, we can already give you a date, a location, and a rough idea of what is going to happen:

Fader Finale
(= immersive media workshops/screenings/talks, DJs & drinks)

May 2nd and 3rd

Fischer Greisner
Schöneberger Str. 18
10963 Berlin
(very close to Gleisdreieck and re:publica)

Free admission

Come and join us. And spread the word!

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