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MediaVerse: A Universe of Media Assets and Co-Creation Opportunities

New web technologies have turned the internet into a place where virtually everyone can create content, hands down. At the same time, a small number of tech companies have made sure a big chunk of this content is bound to their tools and their services – thus giving them control and ownership. Not everybody is happy with that situation – but initiatives to bring positive change are underway. MediaVerse is one of them.

The EU-funded Innovation Action (IA) brings together technology developers, social researchers, media publishers, artists, and other stakeholders. Their main goal: To help all sorts of creators produce and share state-of-the-art media–while allowing them to keep control of their intellectual property rights.

A consortium of 11 partners, dedicated to making an impact, started working on MediaVerse in October 2020 and will continue to do so until September 2023. 

Eventually, the project wants to provide:

  • multi-asset co-creation tools (including support for immersive media like interactive 360° videos and 3D objects)
  • social analytics tools (to follow trends and connect with existing social media channels)
  • a decentralised network to share the assets
  • AI-supported tools for content analysis (to find recyclable content, but also to spot inappropriate assets and protect audiences)
  • blockchain-enabled tools to negotiate intellectual property rights (and be paid appropriately)
  • language technology tools (to facilitate the creation of accessible media)

MediaVerse will demonstrate its potential in three major use cases focusing on:

  • citizen journalism 
  • co-creation of immersive and inclusive media
  • artistic experiments 

The main task of DW Innovation will be to develop and coordinate those use cases. We're also in charge of project communication and dissemination.

To find out more about MediaVerse, keep an eye on the official website and the project's Twitter channel. And stay tuned for news on this blog!

Photo by Grag Rakozy

Nico Patz